Biography of Angela Jewel Designs


All my life I have been a seeker of the unusual and unique. I have been collecting beads and jewelry for over 25 years. I think of myself, as one cultivating the fields searching for a particular object d’art that will move my imagination, giving me motive for creating out-of-the-ordinary jewelry for myself or for anyone else who seeks the same.


My artistic endeavors have included the insatiable craving for collecting, jewelry making, stone carving, clay sculpture, fused glass, welding, woodworking, photography and chasing away bears in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason. I believe all life’s adventures sooner or later come out in one’s artwork.


On a sentimental note, I want to say something about my family heritage. Sometimes it isn’t until someone passes away do we make the time to be interested in our family’s legacy, missing their voices, their stories and their songs. Left with us are the artifacts and keepsakes.

Biography of Angela Jewel Designs


After opening up several streamer trunks from the 1800’s, my sister and I came upon family relics giving insight to an artistic thread that weaved it’s way through every generation. I come from a heritage of artists, musicians, enterprising individuals and pack rats.


I have photo albums made by my great-great-great grandfather who took and developed pictures for his business portfolio representing his vast masonry work of fireplace mantels commissioned for many of the craftsman style homes in Pasadena, CA. Also of his trip to the first World’s Fair in Chicago. My great grandmother developed and sold her own formula of soy-based facial creams. My grandmother played 3 instruments, sang and designed her own wardrobe for her musical performances. My mother was a musician, writer and painter. My sister and brother both are musically talented. I give thanks to my family for expressing and sharing their creative souls. I can say that my family gave life to some of their passions and I encourage this of myself, of my children and of anyone.