Vintage Petals & Pearls with Honey on the side


If I could eat beads I’d have these in my mouth. Creamy lustrous pearls are snuggled between reproduced vintage bellflowers spaced with oval faceted citrine and matching vintage three sided round floral beads. Adding to the mix is the glint of gold plated heishes and toggle. I made this set on a road trip to Las Vegas; since I don’t gamble creating this piece was the jackpot. Necklace length is 17”. Matching earrings are 2” long. $95.00

Vintage Vanilla necklace
White Opals Abalone Blue beads with silver hoops Chicklet Pearl BuddhaGreen AmethystAfrican Opal Vintage Amethyst Gold Egyptian Pink Crystals Aqua Chech Vintage Vanilla Black Opal Topaz Crystal Black Opal Red Bead Peterite Blue Egyptian